Duck Coin

You have been ducked!


You have received this coin from a fellow friend who loves your Jeep! They wanted to help spread joy in your community as well as share the #JeepLove.


Where should I put my Duck Coin?

Duck Duck Jeep Coin
Duck Duck Jeep Coin
Duck Duck Jeep Token Chip

What do I do next?

  • Take a picture of the coin planted on your Jeep.
  • Post the picture in our Facebook Group.
  • Use hashtags including #duckduckjeeps, #gotducked, and #jeeplove to help others find you. 

Save this coin for NEW Unique features coming soon! YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!

(HINT: Leave a personalized message online...)

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Now it's your turn to duck someone!

  • Simply order Jeep Duck Coins from our website down below.
  • Receive your Duck Coins and place on any Jeep!

Get your coins here!

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