What Jeeps Can Be Ducked?

What jeeps can be ducked

Hi Everyone,

A common question we have been receiving lately is, "What Jeeps are allowed to be ducked?".

The answer is, all Jeeps! Many people think that it is only Wranglers. But it can include the Cherokee, Compass, Renegade, Gladiator, etc.

Everyone in the Jeep community is very friendly and positive. Which deserves a duck to brighten there day and bring a smile to their face!

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  • Christopher R Wyckoff

    What if I’m over the whole Wrangler thing? Water leaks from both front doors that I’ve been chasing, unsuccessfully, since 2013. Jumping out of 1st gear since we got it. Various and assorted other problems. Loved it when we got it, now…not so much.
    putting a deposit on a 2022 Ford Bronco, the BIG 4-door, to hopefully get before the Wrangler falls to pieces.

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