What is Duck Duck Jeeps? Ducking a Jeep?

What is duck duck jeep

What is Duck Duck Jeeps? Ducking a Jeep?

This is the act of "Ducking" or placing a rubber duck on someones Jeep! This means the owner got "Ducked" and has to continue on by planting another rubber duck in someone elses Jeep. 

What is the point of ducking a Jeep?

Duck Duck Jeeps mission is to help make this a seamless experience to help spread the Jeep love. Ducking a Jeep is an act of kindness that helps bring positivity into a strangers day.

You can place the duck on the dash, fender, bumper, or even hang it from the mirror. The choice is yours!

How do I duck a Jeep?

1. Have ducks & tags ready - we have them available here (Ducks & Tags)

2. Place our tag on the decks neck.

3. Find a Jeep to duck - All Jeeps are welcome! 

4. Place the duck on a spot that is visible to the driver.

5. Wait and watch, or leave! The choice is yours.



  • Motors

    Got Ducked Today!
    This TOTALLY made my day.
    I’m off to buy some ducks. 😊

  • Tracy Smith

    I got “ducked” today!!!! It made my day!!!

  • Delanot Bastien

    I Was Duck This Morning – 5-11-2021! It Is Fun And It Makes Me Recognized For Good Car Choice.

  • Regina M

    I got 🦆 for the first time today. My kids and I loved it!!! Now I’m gonna start 🦆!!!!

  • Jessica

    I got "ducked " made me smile and I never knew…

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